Floor Underlayment & Leveling: Tampa/Orlando/Miami/South Florida Subflooring

Floor Underlayment Leveling: Tampa/Orlando/Miami/South Florida
"Standard Pacific Homes has worked with Floor Technologies for over
five years. [They have] surpassed our expectations in both timeliness
of delivery, ongoing communication and quality of workmanship
on all our jobsites."--Freddy Marante, VP Purchasing


Our commitment reflects in our strengths: experienced management, quick turnaround, and a responsive approach. Our clients, in turn, commit to us and our use of top quality products from the industry leader MAXXON®:

Gypsum Underlayments   (gypsum flooring)
Portland Underlayments   (cement flooring)
Acoustical Mats   (sound control systems)
Waterproofing   (and more...)

Acousti-Mat CLP Sound Control System
Sound Control System by MAXXON®

Acousti-Mat CLP Sound Control System

Acousti-Mat® CLP is a unique blend of polymeric fibers of various shapes and sizes. The blend of these fibers is a proprietary mix designed to provide excellent reductions in sound transmission and sound reflection. The mat is bound together through a blend of polymer adhesives, which provide a tough durable mat with water repellant features.

The Acousti-Mat CLP system can meet the 50 IIC sound control rating required by the International Building Code, before any floor goods are installed. Acousti-Mat CLP achieves a Delta IIC of 19, that's approximately a 75% reduction in impact noise on concrete floor systems. The Acousti-Mat CLP is attached to the concrete subfloor, then topped with a Maxxon Underlayment. The Acousti-Mat CLP is permanently encased in the underlayment, so when the floor goods are changed, the sound control system remains intact. Maxxon now offers the option of attaching floor goods directly to Acousti-Mat CLP.

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