Floor Underlayment & Leveling: Tampa/Orlando/Miami/South Florida Subflooring

Floor Underlayment Leveling: Tampa/Orlando/Miami/South Florida
"Standard Pacific Homes has worked with Floor Technologies for over
five years. [They have] surpassed our expectations in both timeliness
of delivery, ongoing communication and quality of workmanship
on all our jobsites."--Freddy Marante, VP Purchasing


Our commitment reflects in our strengths: experienced management, quick turnaround, and a responsive approach. Our clients, in turn, commit to us and our use of top quality products from the industry leader MAXXON®:

Gypsum Underlayments   (gypsum flooring)
Portland Underlayments   (cement flooring)
Acoustical Mats   (sound control systems)
Waterproofing   (and more...)

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Gypsum Underlayments :: Portland Underlayments

Floor Underlayment/Leveling: Tampa/Orlando/Miami/South Florida Subflooring

Floor Technologies, Inc. is an authorized applicator of Maxxon® floor underlayments, which cover the full spectrum of gypsum- and portland-based underlayments, including self-leveling floor products. Maxxon underlayments are the ideal choice for residential and commercial applications, providing superior compressive strength, exceptional fire resistance and effective sound control qualities.

Our cementitious floor systems are engineered to meet UL fire ratings, Sound Transfer Control (STC) and Impact Isolation Control (IIC) building codes. And with Maxxon products, you gain:

  • Non-combustible material that won't contribute to the spread of fire.
  • High compressive strength for loads ranging from 1,500 to 7,000 psi.
  • No squeaking, nail pops or uneven joints associated with dura-rock and wood subfloors.
  • Gypsum-to-Gypsum seals throughout the building preventing sound transmission from room to room.
  • Green products that feature recycled materials and extremely low VOC emissions.
  • Sound control systems or acoustic underlayments, including the new, low-profile Acousti-Mat® CLP product, which reached a Delta IIC rating of 19 in lab testing (approximately 75% reduction in impact noise).

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