Floor Underlayment & Leveling: Tampa/Orlando/Miami/South Florida Subflooring

Floor Underlayment Leveling: Tampa/Orlando/Miami/South Florida
"One of the things we had to do was level four floors...
Floor Technologies came out on Monday and was ready to man the job
by Thursday... Their crew was efficient and professional... I highly
recommend them."--T. Hart, Austin Commercial LP


Our commitment reflects in our strengths: experienced management, quick turnaround, and a responsive approach. Our clients, in turn, commit to us and our use of top quality products from the industry leader MAXXON®:

Gypsum Underlayments   (gypsum flooring)
Portland Underlayments   (cement flooring)
Acoustical Mats   (sound control systems)
Waterproofing   (and more...)

Florida Flooring Showcase

Florida Flooring
Project: Codina Building
Location: Coral Gables, Florida
Scope: Leveled 24,000 sq ft on the 15th and 16th floors. Required 1,100 bags of Gyp-Crete 2000 and 3,300 bags of sand. Job was poured with a Little Squirt.
Floor Goods: VCT, Carpet, Ceramic tile

Florida Flooring
Project: Residence Inn 3
Location: Miramar, Florida
Scope: Leveled 67,000 sq ft of pre-cast concrete. Required 2,094 bags Gyp-Crete 3.2k.
Floor Goods: Ceramic Tile, Carpet

Florida Flooring
Project: Grand Lakes Townhomes and Single Family Home 4
Location: Miami, Florida
Scope: 3/4"Gyp-Crete 2000 3.2k over 3/4" plywood. 395 Single Family Homes, 400 Townhome Units.
Floor Goods: Ceramic Tile, Carpet

Florida Flooring
Project: Wal-Mart Storage Area
Location: Hialeah Gardens, Florida
Scope: Leveled 4,500 sq ft at 3/8" over concrete. Required 300 bags of Level-Right Weartop.
Floor Goods: Level-Right Weartop with sealer

Florida Flooring
Project: LA Fitness
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Scope: Leveled 26,700 sq ft at 1/2" over concrete. Required 400 bags of Commercial Topping.
Floor Goods: Carpet, VCT

Florida Flooring
Project: Private Residence
Location: Islamorada, Florida
Scope: Leveled 2,000 sq ft at 3/4" over plywood. Required 50 bags of Gyp-Crete 2000 3.2k.
Floor Goods: Ceramic Tile

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