Floor Underlayment & Leveling: Tampa/Orlando/Miami/South Florida Subflooring

Floor Underlayment Leveling: Tampa/Orlando/Miami/South Florida
"I just wanted to let you know that Guillermo and his crew
were absolutely fabulous. They showed a real professionalism and
dedication to the job that you do not find too often."--M. Kushner,
Cinema Sound Unlimited, Coral Springs FL


Our commitment reflects in our strengths: experienced management, quick turnaround, and a responsive approach. Our clients, in turn, commit to us and our use of top quality products from the industry leader MAXXON®:

Gypsum Underlayments   (gypsum flooring)
Portland Underlayments   (cement flooring)
Acoustical Mats   (sound control systems)
Waterproofing   (and more...)

Florida Flooring Showcase

Florida Flooring
Project: Codina Building
Location: Coral Gables, Florida
Scope: Leveled 24,000 sq ft on the 15th and 16th floors. Required 1,100 bags of Gyp-Crete 2000 and 3,300 bags of sand. Job was poured with a Little Squirt.
Floor Goods: VCT, Carpet, Ceramic tile

Florida Flooring
Project: Residence Inn 3
Location: Miramar, Florida
Scope: Leveled 67,000 sq ft of pre-cast concrete. Required 2,094 bags Gyp-Crete 3.2k.
Floor Goods: Ceramic Tile, Carpet

Florida Flooring
Project: Grand Lakes Townhomes and Single Family Home 4
Location: Miami, Florida
Scope: 3/4"Gyp-Crete 2000 3.2k over 3/4" plywood. 395 Single Family Homes, 400 Townhome Units.
Floor Goods: Ceramic Tile, Carpet

Florida Flooring
Project: Wal-Mart Storage Area
Location: Hialeah Gardens, Florida
Scope: Leveled 4,500 sq ft at 3/8" over concrete. Required 300 bags of Level-Right Weartop.
Floor Goods: Level-Right Weartop with sealer

Florida Flooring
Project: LA Fitness
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Scope: Leveled 26,700 sq ft at 1/2" over concrete. Required 400 bags of Commercial Topping.
Floor Goods: Carpet, VCT

Florida Flooring
Project: Private Residence
Location: Islamorada, Florida
Scope: Leveled 2,000 sq ft at 3/4" over plywood. Required 50 bags of Gyp-Crete 2000 3.2k.
Floor Goods: Ceramic Tile

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